New Fiber Service

New Fiber Service

Bringing Fiber to Your Home

Get Connected:

Getting connected is accomplished by following these steps:

  • If fiber service was previously provided at the address
  • If fiber service was not previously provided at the address
    • Call our office to confirm service availability at your address or by viewing the Service Area Map
    • Complete an Application for new service, see below for the Application
    • Complete a Site Drawing Worksheet
    • Submit a copy of your warranty deed and the completed Application to the PUD
    • Provide an Application Fee

Once these items are submitted an appointment will be scheduled with one of our telecom technicians to review your project.

View our Utility Extension Manual (pdf) & Utility Extension Fees (pdf).

Click here to download the Residential Electric & Fiber Line Extension Application (pdf).  The application is a fillable form that you can either complete electronically or print.  Completed applications can be emailed to Note: To complete the application electronically, first download and save the application to your computer or electronic device.