Survey: Lead Service Line Inventory

Survey: Lead Service Line Inventory

Lead Service Line Inventory 

On December 16, 2021, after a public comment period, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), the first significant changes in over 30 years.  The EPA's new rule, referred to as the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements (LCRI), aims to strengthen the LCR to better protect children and communities from the risk of lead exposure.

The EPA identified priority improvements from the LCRI: 

  1. Proactive and equitable lead service line replacement (LSLR);
  2. Strengthening compliance to tap sampling to better identify communities most at risk of lead in drinking water and to compel reduction actions; and
  3. Reducing the complexity of the regulation through improvement of the action and trigger level construct.

All community and non-transient non-community (NTNC) water systems must develop an initial inventory of service lines that meets LCRR requirements, including service line materials classification and information sources, for both the public and private portions of every service line, and submit their lead service line inventories to the state by October 16, 2024.

To complete a service line inventory for each of the nine community water systems within the District, the PUD will be reaching out to its customers through phone calls, emails, letters, and or talking directly with the PUD's Water System Operators to help with pipe material identification.

If you have questions about the survey or if you have any information that may be helpful, please contact the PUD's Lead Water System Operator, Rusty Gill.  Thank you.

Rusty Gill

Lead Water System Operator