Industrial Customers

Industrial Customers

Need a lot of power?

Industrial Service is available to customers in Pend Oreille County. Our Industrial Customers at the PUD all fall under a negotiated service and rates contract to fit their needs. We want to help build a strong relationship with our current and potential customers that require larger services. Each of our Industrial Customers are assigned to a key accounts representative to help ensure their questions are answered in a timely basis by the appropriate departments.


Available to customers in Pend Oreille County with estimated maximum demands of not less than 500 kWa per month or requiring service equipment with capacity of 500 kVA or greater, by contract and under the General Rules and Regulations for Industrial Service. Source of power is not guaranteed, and will be subject to negotiated contract.

Type of Service

Three‚Äźphase voltages as negotiated and based on a specified maximum contract demand. 

Industrial service between 500 kWa and 2000 kWa per month may be supplied based on the Industrial Service schedule, when power supply is available.

All charges by negotiated contract only. Final approval by Board of Commissioners is required. Said contract shall include a component designed to fully recover all District increased power costs arising from the new contractual load.

For information regarding our services and rates please see our Electric Service, Rates and Credit policy. Should you want to learn more about our Industrial Services, please contact the PUD at (509) 447-3137 or