+Call Before You Dig: 811

+Call Before You Dig: 811

Landscaper, contractor or a "do-it-yourself"... 811 is for you! 

State law requires anyone digging a hole that is one foot deep or more call 811 at least two days before starting. Why? For your safety and others safety. Hitting an underground utility line could be shockingly dangerous and could interrupt power to your neighborhood. 

Here is the 411 about 811:

  1. Call 811 at least two days before starting your project
  2. Let them know about your project (location, size, project, contact information)
  3. Utilities (like the PUD) will be notified if there are potential lines in your project area
  4. You can expect the PUD to send someone within two business days to mark the lines
  5. Continue with your project after all possible utility lines have been marked and proceed digging with caution.

Alternatively, you can call 1 (800) 424-5555