Request a Public Record

Request a Public Record

Public Records Request

As required by RCW 42.56, Pend Oreille PUD must provide Public Records as requested. Our website provides many common public records like financial reports and Commission meeting minutes. To request a public record not found online, please fill out the form below. To submit the form, you may drop it off at one of our locations, email it to Amber Gifford at or mail it to the PUD Attention: Public Records Officer: PO Box 190 Newport, WA 99156.

Public Records Request Form (PDF)

Public Records Disclosure Policy


Pursuant to the Governor's Proclamation 20-28 (Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act) issued March 24, 2020, the below changes are in effect through April 23, 2020 (unless extended beyond that date).

  • The PUD may not be able to provide requestors an initial response within five business days. The Public Records Act response time period is suspended pursuant to the proclamation. 
  • The PUD will not provide or arrange for in-person Public Records Act business contacts with the public at PUD facilities. 

  • The PUD will use alternative communication methods for Public Records Act business with requestors such as phone, U.S. mail, email, or other communication methods that do not require in-person contacts with requestors.