Community Support & Assistance

Community Support & Assistance

Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Help is available.

We know a growing number of our customers are struggling to make ends meet. We are here for you and we want to work with all of our customers facing financial hardship.  If you find yourself unable to pay your bill, please give us a call at 509-447-3137.  We’ll listen to each unique situation and work to identify ways to ease the burden. 

For a quick reference sheet on the PUD's billing information and assistance options, click here: Energy Assistance & Billing

Energy Assistance Options:

  • PUD’s Neighbors in Need (NIN) Program - you may qualify for a NIN grant, please contact the PUD’s Customer Service Team at 509-447-3137.  You can download an application here: Neighbors in Need Application.
  • Rural Resources - to see if you qualify for a grant through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or other assistance program, call or visit a Rural Resource office at:
  • DSHS - funding may be available through DSHS for disaster cash assistance, call or visit:
  • Family Crisis/Crime Victim Services:
    • 509-447-2274 – 703 W 1st St, Newport, WA
  • Pend Oreille County Veteran’s Assistance Program:
    • Please call Marianne Nichols at (509) 447-6474
    • Requirements: resident of Pend Oreille County, registered to vote, Veteran or widow of a Veteran, honorably discharged (need DD-214 discharge papers).

Are you looking to help your community?

Operation Round Up

Operation Round UpOperation Round Up for Neighbors in Need provides emergency energy assistance grants to households in our county. The grants go to individuals and families to help them get back on their feet again following unexpected emergencies or hardships.

Helping families keep warm is Operation Round Up for Neighbors in Need’s primary goal.

Donations are distributed by the PUD to those who qualify. Your financial gift is tax deductible, and you will be sent a summary of your yearly contributions on the January and February statements. 

  • Round Up
    • If selected, each month, PUD “rounds up” the electric bills of participating customers to the next highest dollar. For example, a consumer’s monthly bill of $52.73 would be automatically rounded up to $53.00, with the additional 27 cents going to the Operation Round Up for Neighbors in Need fund.

Through participation in Operation Round Up, the average contribution per customer is approximately fifty cents ($.50) a month, or six dollars ($6) per year.

  • Pledge 
    • If you wish to contribute the same amount every month, pledging is the way to go. We will include your pledge on your monthly PUD statement, simply just let us know the amount you wish to include.
  • Add to your bill
    • You can help by adding a donation to your monthly energy bill. You can make a one-time donation when you pay your bill—or any other time throughout the year. Give as many times as you like; you choose when and how much.
  • Other ways
    • Send a separate check to:
      Operation Round Up for Neighbors in Need, PO Box 190, Newport WA 99156
    • Checking the box on an Operation Round Up® form and sending it to Pend Oreille PUD.
    • You can download the Sign-Up Form (pdf)
    • Emailing:
    • Contact Customer Service at: (509) 447-3137

Additional Services

Budget Payment Plan

No more seasonal surprises! The PUD Budget Plan lets you pay the same amount every month, all year.  Payments are based on an average of your previous year’s usage. Call for information.

Low Income Senior Discount

Qualified Pend Oreille PUD customers, based on their total annual household income and the age of the applicant, may receive a $5 monthly discount. An application, age verification and income verification are required to receive the monthly discount. Customers will be required to re‐verify eligibility upon request.


  • Applicant must be 65 years or older at the time of application.
  • Total combined household income (including that of spouse or co‐tenant), from all sources, shall be 150% or less of the Federally Established Poverty Guidelines.
  • The utility service must be in the name of the applicant and be the primary residence of the applicant.
  • Only one discount per customer is allowed.

Low Income Senior Discount Application

Winter Moratorium

Between November 15th and March 15th, certain customers may qualify for the winter weather moratorium, which prevents the PUD from disconnecting power for nonpayment if the customer meet all conditions identified in RCW 54.16.285(1), which requires that the customer: (1) notify PUD Customer Service of your inability to pay the bill within 5 business days of receiving a payment overdue notice; (2) self-certify household income; (3) apply for home heating and low-income weatherization assistance from applicable agencies; (4) agree to and maintain a payment plan; and (5) agree to pay all moneys owed even if the customer move residences.  To apply for this program, please contact the PUD’s Customer Service staff at 509-447-3137.

Extreme Heat Law

Washington State law (ESHB 1329) prohibits utilities from disconnecting electric or water customers for nonpayment on days for which the National Weather Service has issued or has announced it intends to issue a heat-related alert, and allows customers currently disconnected to request reconnection on such days.  The PUD may require a customer seeking reconnection to enter into and maintain a payment plan.  In order to request reconnection on a qualifying day, please contact the PUD’s Customer Service staff at 509-447-3137.