Pend Oreille River Information

Pend Oreille River Information

Discover the beauty of the Pend Oreille River

The 55-mile reservoir between Newport and Box Canyon Dam is a gateway for visitors to enjoy the splendor of this natural wonderland.

Flow rates of the Pend Oreille River are characterized by large spring and early summer flows, fed by snow and rainfall. Albeni Falls, the upstream project, coordinates their flows for flood control and other requirements, which means the PUD has limited control over river flows and elevations at Box Canyon Dam since it is a run of the river facility. 

Bald eagles, heron, swans, osprey, Canadian geese, and other waterfowl can often be seen along the river. An abundance of wildlife inhabits the bordering forests. It is not unusual for visitors to catch a glimpse of deer, elk, and even an occasional moose or bear.

As part of its continuing stewardship and commitment toward preserving the health and beauty of the river, Pend Oreille PUD participates in many environmental efforts, including milfoil control, shoreline access improvements, erosion control programs, and wildlife and fish habitat improvement projects.

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